TimeOut NY

"Assemble creates drama out of the otherwise exhausting tedium of dealing with Ik—er, the store’s—contention that navigating twisting, never-ending aisles of easily breakable shit constituents a satisfying shopping experience."

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Brooklyn Paper

Off Off Online

Charlie Todd 

Founder, Improv Everywhere

What a fantastic experience! The whole thing was designed so well from start to finish. I love how much work went into making it completely site specific.

Untapped Cities

"If you like events such as the MP3 Project and other guerrilla events, definitely check out Project Assemble... 

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New York Mag

"The deep fringe of New York theatre-making gets its Brooklyn showcase in this far-flung festival, which contains ... an immersive choose-your-own adventure show in an actual (and secret) box store..."

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The Best Things to Do In NYC This Week: Exponential Festival

"Some highlights ... Assemble, an app-based, choose-your-own-adventure guerilla performance"

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